15th July 2014

Declaré, The Award Winning Skincare Range has Big Plans for Ireland

Luxury Swiss beauty care for sensitive skin, has new distributor….

Swiss beauty brand, Declaré, a leading luxury skincare range on the continent, is now being distributed in Ireland by KD Cosmetics and is stocked in pharmacies across the country. Karen Dempsey, owner of KD Cosmetics worked for International Cosmetics & Fragrances the previous distributors for eight years on the counter and as a sales rep and was so impressed by the brand, that she decided to become its Irish Distributor when ICF ceased trading in May of this year.

Declaré was the first skincare line formulated exclusively for sensitive skin, over thirty years ago in 1979.  Applying constant innovation based on scientific research, the brand has evolved to offer a comprehensive range of high quality, highly effective nourishing skin products, specifically tailored to a variety of sensitive skin conditions.

Sensitive skin can result from many factors, and sometimes a combination of factors, including the skin’s natural condition, environmental influences, prolonged stress, and the ageing process.  There may be a natural deficiency or an allergy at cause, an external irritant or a damaging factor like pollution and UV rays, or an inner factor such as anxiety or diet.  The natural ageing process and hormonal change will also produce diverse conditions, from acne, to wrinkles, to dry dull skin.

SRC-complex (sensitivity reducing complex) is the active ingredient in Declaré’s unique formulation, which improves the skin’s barrier function, reduces sensitivity, and boosts resistance.  Irritation is quickly eased with the SRC-complex botanical ingredients, which include camomile, witch hazel and linseed extract.  There is intensive cell protection to counteract premature damage, improve the complexion, and, importantly, reduce the discomfort and stress associated with problem skin.

The good news for Irish women is that this range is devoted to addressing individual skincare needs, and providing effective long-term care.  Declaré’s facial care collection includes mild cleansing and eye care products, as well as an extensive range of specialist moisturisers and rich creams marketed as hydro-balance, stress-balance, age-control, and vital-balance formulations, according to the specific skin requirement.

Affordable Luxury Care

The fact that Declaré body care products are priced from just €9.95, with cleansers and toners in the €17.50 to €19.95 price range, and luxury face and eye creams from just €29.95, means that this high quality, speciality skin care for sensitive skin is a lot more affordable than the luxury brands currently available in Ireland.

For more mature skin, Declaré’s Caviar Perfection range, an Age Control formulation, is a rich, luxury skincare range for day and night use.  Active ingredients include sea minerals, plant extracts and caviar, for intensive cell protection, and the range, which is priced from €45 for eye cream, to €85 for the face cream, compares very favourably to the more expensive top of the range luxury formulations based on sea nutrients.

Proven Results for Sensitive Skin

Over 50% of the population has sensitive skin – which reacts to stimulants more rapidly and intensely than normal skin, but consistent use of the Declaré specialist range will almost entirely eliminate the problem and restore vitality and radiance.   Products are so sensitive that the cleansing milks are mild and effective enough for use on the eye area, and present no problem for contact lens wearers either.

Dermatological tests of the range show a 70% reduction in skin sensitivity in just 28 days, and almost immediate relief of redness and irritation in extra-dry skin.  A 57% reduction in wrinkles within a month has also been independently verified.

An innovative family-owned beauty business, with the brand’s creator Karl J Troll still very much involved in the company, Declaré remains true to its original 30 year old mission of creating luxury skincare products for sensitive skin that are ‘more than skin-deep’!

In the late 1970s, DECLARÉ Switzerland developed the very first line of cosmetics for sensitive skin worldwide. Our vision still applies today: Meeting the requirements of beauty, skin compatibility and effectiveness to fulfill the wishes and needs of women and men. DECLARÉ Switzerland is considered the internationally leading brand for sensitive skin-care. Their head office is located on the shores of Lake Constance and houses their state-of-the-art distribution, training and logistics center.

Our comprehensive skin-care range meets all the needs of sensitive skin. With their innovative formulations, skin-compatible ingredients, allergen-free scents, and state-of-the-art technologies, DECLARÉ products stand for effective action and deliver optimum results. DECLARÉ products are subject to stringent quality control and are dermatologically-tested for sensitive skin: An exceptional sense of well-being for your skin!

Sensitive skin is easily irritated and its balance often disturbed. An essential ingredient in all Declaré products is the src complex(sensitivity-reducing complex). The src complex improves the skin barrier function and strengthens the natural resistance of the skin. With its intensive cell protection, the src complex  prevents cell damage and continuously protects your skin against premature ageing.

In addition to providing facial-care products for the various skin types, DECLARÉ Switzerland’s skin-care range includes products for body care, sun care, decorative cosmetics, and skin-care products for men.

Discover DECLARÉ Switzerland and reveal the beauty of sensitive skin.